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Kort om: Boost your HR English!

1 utbildningsdag samt 2x30 min individuell coaching
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Boost your HR English!

Objectives and Benefits

This course programme is designed to meet the needs of HR staff, in any sector and at all levels, who need to use English to communicate both internally and externally. The emphasis will usually be on spoken English. In particular, it will:


  • increase fluency and confidence, thus helping participants communicate more effectively when using English in a professional context
  • develop a range of general professional communication skills, such as giving presentations, attending meetings and dealing with leadership and staff issues
  • activate and consolidate existing vocabulary and also provide new language input, placing particular emphasis on vocabulary and functional language used in HR services strategy and delivery
  • make participants more aware of individual areas of weakness so they can work at eliminating these, and help them develop strategies for future language learning

Course Content

The aims of the HR function – what does HR do, and why?

  • Sourcing, recruitment, selection and redeployment
  • Compensation and benefits
  • Competence development
  • Performance management
  • Working environment, health and safety
  • Employer-employee relations in Sweden: trade unions, LAS, MBL and collective agreements

The exact content will be adapted according to the composition of the group and focus on active usage of the language in presentations, meetings situations, discussions of relevant areas and social interactions.



Coaching as supplementary individual modules before and after the course

A 30-minute individual coaching session before the workshop to activate relevant vocabulary by presenting and discussing your own organisation and its HR function; your role and responsibilities; current HR challenges and more

A 30-minute individual coaching session after the workshop to follow up on language and operational issues raised. Focus on solutions applied at your own workplace – processes, policies, routines, guidelines and tools. Focus on writing skills where relevant and necessary.

Individual coaching sessions are normally conducted by phone or video link

  • Participants

  • You may have any level of English and have an HR role at any level within an organisation, as you will be grouped according to their level and professional needs
  • Your use of English may involve reading or drafting written texts; the use of spoken English face to face or on the telephone; participation in meetings, conferences or seminars; the use of English in social situations
  • You communicate in English with native and non-native speakers

​The course is facilitated by certified teachers from The London School of English.



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