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WPT Certification in English


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WPT – Wonderlic Personnel Test
To measure and evaluate people based on their IQ is controversial. Nevertheless, research shows that IQ is perhaps the single most reliable factor to predict professional success. Everyone who works with recruitment of any kind knows that it is crucial for businesses and employees to find the right person for the right position. 

WPT provides a quick, concise measurement of general cognitive ability and problem-solving ability. The results give a good estimation of how easily a person can absorb new information and solve problems, as well has how intellectually challenging he or she may experience a new job. By using WPT you can shorten the training time for new employees and increase your chances of putting the right person on the right job. 

Target group
The training is for those who want to use and administer the tool WPT.

This training aims at creating a broad and deep picture of the concept of intelligence, an insight into brain structure and its preconditions and to discuss success factors in professional life such as IQ and / or EQ. During the training you will learn how to administer the test, read and interpret the results and to provide relevant feedback to the test person.

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